UV Whole House Systems

Ultraviolet light water disinfection is an extremely effective way to reduce bacteria and viruses from your water supply. These systems deactivate the ability for microbes to replicate their DNA ensuring that they can not multiply, effectively reducing the potential dangers to you and your family.

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Three Main UV System Components:

UV Chamber:

Houses internal components. USWF systems are constructed with corrosion resistant stainless steel. UV chambers are sold as systems and include a controller, quartz sleeve, UV lamp, and set of o-rings. 10 year warranty on the UV chamber, 3 year warranty on the controller and 1 year warranty on original UV lamp and sleeve.

Quartz Sleeve:

Protects the the UV lamp. Over time the quartz sleeve will accumulate minerals and must be cleaned to maintain efficacy. The rate of accumulation will depend on water quality and hardness. If your water has a hardness of over 7 gpg (grains per gallon) it is advised to install a water softener before the UV system. The sleeve can be cleaned and reused, when the sleeve becomes cloudy it will impede the ability of the UV lamp and the sleeve should be replaced. If the sleeve is cracked or broken it must be replaced. All replacement sleeves come with replacement o-rings.

UV Lamp:

Administers powerful UV treatment to the water running through the system. This is the workhorse of the UV system and delivers high quality water filtration. Lamp models will differ in longevity, the average UV lamp will last around one year before needing to be replaced. All UV lamps include replacement o-rings.

Safety Note: NEVER look directly at the UV lamp when it is powered on.

Pre-filtration and UV System Options

Water coming into your home can have a variety of water contaminants, some of the most common include sediment, silt, and sand. These particles can obstruct the UV light in your system as well as accumulate on or even damage the quartz sleeve. For these reasons and more it is often suggested to have a sediment filter or other filtration system before your UV system (UV systems should be the last last stage of the filter process). If you have an existing system then you can already check that box off the list, if you dont, there is still a USWF system for you as well.

The “USWF-4CR1” 8 gpm UV system and “USWF-4CR2” 15 gpm UV system are rack mounted whole house systems that include a 10x 4.5-inch and 20 x 4.5-inch (respectively) sediment filter and housing to make adding a UV system to your home a breeze. Both systems include a splash-proof controller with a fully potted ballast along with the 316L grade stainless steel chamber, quartz sleeve, UV lamp, o-rings, and sediment filter to deliver top notch water quality.

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