USWF 600gpd Tankless Reverse Osmosis System

The RO-2F-600 tankless reverse osmosis system is a marvel of undersink water filtration. Delivering high-quality great-tasting water while boasting a variety of features that help it stand apart from the conventional undersink RO system. Read more about these features below and visit the following vendors to see our available offers.

Tankless System Highlights:
  • Tankless Space Saving Profile
  • Lower Waste Water Ratio
  • High Flow Capacity
  • Intelligent LED Faucet Monitoring
  • Easy Installation and Filter Replacement
  • Auto Flush Feature
  • No Leak Detection and Prevention
  • Multistage Quality Filtration

Smart Faucet / Intelligent Monitoring

The RO-2F-600 monitors filter life to provide filter replacement reminders. The LED smart faucet indicator will turn purple when a filter is nearing the end of its life, and turns red when the filter needs to be replaced. The composite prefilter lasts for 1000 gallons or 12 months, and the RO membrane cartridge lasts for 2000 gallons or 24 months whichever comes first.

Reduced Waste Water

The water that flows to the drain during operation is often referred to as “wastewater”, but this is a misnomer as the water isn’t wasted it’s actually performing an important function. As the RO filters contaminants from the water they collect in the membrane, they need to be washed away or the membrane will quickly become clogged and damaged. When you take a shower you’re not wasting water just because it goes down the drain, it’s simply part of the process of getting clean.
Conventional under sink RO membranes typically operate with a 1:4 pure to drain water ratio. While this ratio does an excellent job rinsing the membrane and prolonging its life, water is a precious resource and sending 4 or more gallons of water down the drain for only a single gallon used can feel excessive. The RO-2F-600 boasts an exceptional 2:1 pure to drain ratio meaning that it will only send 0.5 gallons of water to the drain for every gallon used.

If the wastewater in a RO performs such an important job wouldn’t reducing the drain ratio so dramatically mean that the RO membrane isn’t going to be rinsed as thoroughly and therefore have a shorter lifespan? In short: Yes, all things being equal, but the RO-2F-600 has a trick up its sleeve, an automatic membrane flush.

Automatic Flushing

In order to prolong membrane life even while running at an extremely low drain ratio, the RO-2F-600 has an automatic flushing feature built in. After the system has been idle for 5 minutes it performs a membrane flush. This flush allows the system to rinse away any contaminants that may have been left on the membrane during use and extends the life of the membrane. Without this feature it would not be economical to run an RO with a 2:1 pure to drain ratio because the membrane would constantly need replacing.
A second benefit of the membrane flush is that it refills the membrane with filtered water and prevents TDS creep. TDS stands for total dissolved solids and when an RO system is not in use and under low pressure contaminants can pass from the untreated side of the membrane to the filtered side. On a tankless RO this means that the first 15-20 seconds of water dispensed after the system has been sitting idle may not be as pure and filtered as you expect. If you’re only filling a single glass the TDS creep could significantly impact the quality of water, and to avoid it you have to let the system run for 20-30 seconds before filling your glass. It doesn’t matter if it takes less than 10 seconds to fill a glass if you have to wait 30 seconds before you do it to know you have pure water.
By filling the membrane with filtered water during the membrane flush the water on the untreated side of the membrane is already filtered. This significantly reduces TDS creep because both sides of the membrane already have low TDS levels, and means that the first cup of water dispensed will be fresh and pure without having to wait.

Tankless Design

The high flow 600GPD membrane is capable of filling an 8oz glass in just 9 seconds, and you can use as much RO water as you’d like without running the tank down to a trickle. Removing the tank also eliminates the chore of cleaning the RO tank, and the risk of secondary contamination from an unsanitized tank.
The slim tankless design of the RO-2F-600 takes up 50% less space than a traditional RO system.

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